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ALERT: Ohio Board Of Nursing Charges 106 Nurses With Violating The Nurse Practice Act

Published: Feb 10, 2017 by James McGovern

Based upon public records obtained by the nursing license defense attorneys at Graff & McGovern, the Ohio Board of Nursing, following its January 2017 Board Meeting, mailed Notices of Opportunity for Hearing to 106 licensed nurses.

This is the first set of Notices issued by the Ohio Board of Nursing for 2017 and it appears as though the Board is keeping up with the pace at which it issued Notices to licensed nurses during 2016.

The January 2017 Notices of Opportunity for Hearing alleged numerous types of violations of the Ohio Nurse Practice Act, but the most common violations related to failed drug screens, drug related convictions, operating a vehicle under the influence, medication administration, theft of medications, substance abuse, fraud in the application process, reciprocal / sister state discipline, profanity / aggressive behavior towards patients, failure to practice within safe standards and fraudulent billing.

Any nurses receiving a Notice of Opportunity for Hearing from the Ohio Board of Nursing should strongly consider consulting with an experienced nursing license defense attorney to protect their interests; and they should be mindful of the need to submit a written hearing request to the Nursing Board no later than 30 days from the date the Board mailed the Notice. The failure to comply with the 30-day deadline will leave a nurse with none of the rights afforded by Ohio Revised Code Chapter 119; and it will enable the Nursing Board to sanction the nurse’s license without obtaining any input and/or agreement from the nurse.

If you need a nursing license defense lawyer to assist you in defending against charges in a Notice of Opportunity for Hearing received from the Ohio Board of Nursing and/or if you have questions about the Ohio Board of Nursing, please call Jim McGovern at 614-228-5800, x2 for a no charge initial consultation.