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Motor Vehicle Dealer’s Board – Department of Public Safety


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Ohio places many requirements upon motor vehicle dealers and applicants or licensees may find their livelihoods at risk when suspected of a violation. Applicants and licensees who have legal matters involving the Motor Vehicle Dealer’s Board may find representation by a license lawyer useful.

The attorneys at Graff & McGovern offer experience practicing before the Motor Vehicle Dealer’s Board representing licensed professionals and applicants. Call us at 614-228-5800, or use our online form, to discuss your vehicle license case.

About the Motor Vehicle Dealer’s Board

The Motor Vehicle Dealer’s Board regulates:

  • New vehicle dealers,
  • Motor vehicle leasing dealers,
  • Used motor vehicle dealers, and
  • Motor vehicle auctions.

Any person who makes more than five casual sales of motor vehicles in a 12-month period must be licensed by the Board. In addition, sales persons must also be licensed.
The Board has very stringent requirements for dealerships. One of the most common violations of the law is when the dealership doesn’t meet one of these requirements, such as being open during posted business hours, the property is not exclusively used for dealing in motor vehicles, or proper records are not being kept.

Used motor dealers must have a lot of no less than 3,500 square feet and must have an office of not less than 180 square feet of usable office area. Applicants for a new license may have trouble meeting the requirements found in the rules, such as having a prominently displayed sign of the business, a permanent physical barrier must exist between the dealership and another business, and having a net worth of $75,000. Salespersons may only work at one dealership and can face discipline for working at multiple dealerships.

Board investigators are very active. They will visit the premises in question multiple times and will take pictures. The investigators will also talk to the principal of the business to see that the dealership is brought into compliance. When the matter is not moving quickly, or it appears the dealership will not come into compliance, disciplinary action is initiated.

The Board holds meetings as needed, with five meetings held in 2016. Unlike many other agencies, the Board holds disciplinary hearings at their meetings.

The Board is made up of 11 members. There are 10 appointees, of which no more than five can be of the same political parties, and the eleventh member of the Board is the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, or his/her designee. Seven of the appointed members have engaged in the business of selling motor vehicles in Ohio.

Vehicles, or his/her designee. Seven of the appointed members have engaged in the business of selling motor vehicles in Ohio.

How an Ohio Professional License Attorney Can Help

When an applicant or licensee has an issue before the Motor Vehicle Dealer’s Board, an attorney may be able to assist in one or more ways. An attorney can communicate with the Board on the applicant’s or licensee’s behalf to avoid misunderstandings that may be damaging to the applicant or licensee later. Through early intervention, an attorney may be able to convince the Board that no disciplinary action should be initiated.

If the Board initiates disciplinary action, an attorney may represent an applicant or licensee through the disciplinary process and at any hearing that takes place.

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