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Ohio Facilities Construction Commission


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Businesses seeking a public works construction contract from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission may benefit from the representation of an experienced attorney. The lawyers at Graff & McGovern offer experience with government contracts, including preparing bids and representing parties in contract disputes.

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About the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission

The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission administers all state public works construction. Its oversight includes preparing construction documents, bidding from, award to, and payment of construction contractors for all state projects.

Agencies for which OFCC provides oversight include Ohio vertical construction (not ODOT road building); Ohio colleges and universities; and Ohio schools that receive state construction funding through the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

How an Ohio Government Contracts Lawyer Can Help

A government relations lawyer with experience before the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission may advise a business about the laws surrounding public works projects, assist with preparing bidding and other construction documents, and represent a client’s interests if a dispute arises.

Because documents must be prepared to the Commission’s specifications, representation by an attorney with experience practicing before the Commission may be useful.

We may review and provide legal interpretations of complicated Construction documents. We also may negotiate disputes over change orders, and litigate in the Ohio Court of Claims if necessary.

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Our attorneys at Graff & McGovern represent interested parties in the construction industry who seek contracts and payment from state projects, including construction contractors, architects and engineers. We offer significant experience working with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and representing clients through the bidding process.

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