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If you’re facing investigation or possible disciplinary action from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, a skilled professional license defense lawyer may be able to help. Our team at Graff & McGovern has represented licensed professionals in Ohio for 25 years, including in front of the Pharmacy Board. Tell us your story and we can offer solutions that may allow you to keep your license and protect your career. Contact us today at 614-228-5800, or use our online form, to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

What the Ohio Board of Pharmacy Does

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy is responsible for overseeing the practice of pharmacy and administering and enforcing Ohio’s drug laws on all Ohio:

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Interns
  • Terminal and Wholesale Distributors of Dangerous Drugs (regardless of the physical location of the Terminal and Wholesale Distributors)

That responsibility includes evaluating applicants for pharmacy licenses, approving licenses, and overseeing disciplinary action against licensees. Licensees have the right to be treated fairly and as professionals. The State Board of Pharmacy has the authority to discipline licensees and registrants for violations of federal or state drug distribution laws. The board is responsible for investigating and presenting evidence of such violations to the appropriate local, state, or federal court for prosecution.

The Pharmacy Board is also responsible for regulating the legal distribution of dangerous drugs in Ohio and ensuring the quality of all drugs administered, prescribed, dispensed by prescription, or sold over-the-counter.

The board consists of nine members who are appointed by the governor for terms of four years. Eight of the members are licensed pharmacists representing the various phases of pharmacy practice, and the final member is a non-licensed member of the public. The Board has a staff of 57 employees, including office staff, legal counsels, and investigators.

Pharmacy Board Hearings

When the board receives a complaint regarding a license holder, the board undertakes an investigation to evaluate the merits of the complaint and consider whether disciplinary action is appropriate. Sometimes an investigation may result in no action at all, in other instances the board will issue a warning letter, and sometimes there may be a hearing on the complaint.

Formal for pharmacists and pharmaceutical corporations, formal administrative hearings occur before the full board during a regularly scheduled meeting. For other licenses, including pharmacy technicians and medical marijuana companies, the Pharmacy Board employs contract hearing officers. An administrative hearing before the Pharmacy Board is a formal proceeding guided by Ohio statutes, rules of procedure and evidence. You may have the opportunity to present oral or written testimony, make arguments, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and submit evidence as exhibits into the formal record of the hearing.

How a Qualified Attorney Can Help

Given this formality to proceedings, it is to your benefit to have an attorney represent you at a Pharmacy Board hearing. Having a skilled Ohio pharmacy license defense lawyer who knows the board’s rules and procedures and has experience representing licensed professionals before this board will minimize the potential for error that can harm your case and potential for a positive outcome.

A qualified attorney can offer help in several ways. The early involvement of an attorney can ease communications with the board and may prevent opportunities for miscommunication. An attorney also may be able to assist with your case during the investigation phase and resolve board concerns with closure without discipline or negotiate a settlement of your case before it goes to a hearing. Additionally, an attorney can explain your rights through the process and help you to properly comply with the board’s rules.

If your case results in the board initiating a disciplinary action, an attorney can represent you at the hearing similarly to how an attorney might advocate for you in a court.

Experienced Ohio Pharmacy License Defense Lawyers

Graff & McGovern is located in downtown Columbus near the heart of Ohio government. Our location gives us access to state agencies, including the Pharmacy Board, that can benefit your case. Our attorneys have 115 years of collective experience in administrative and government law, including representing countless licensed professionals and helping them to achieve beneficial outcomes for their cases.

Three of our attorneys are certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as Administrative Agency Specialists, a distinction earned by only eight attorneys in the entire state. This certification means our lawyers have the extensive knowledge and training to represent you at Pharmacy Board administrative hearings.

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