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When a business, organization, or local government seeks a legal remedy, an effective approach is to change a law. An Ohio legislative affairs lawyer and lobbyist may offer guidance and advocacy through the passage of a new law in the Ohio General Assembly.

The lawyers at Graff & McGovern offer skilled legislative affairs representation that includes decades of experience drafting legislation and working with lawmakers to adopt or oppose legislation. Contact us today at 614-228-5800 to schedule an appointment to learn more about the array of legislative affairs services we can provide.

Ways to Change the Law

A legislative affairs lawyer lobbyist offers experienced counsel about options for changing or opposing change to existing law.

In general, the ways to change a law include approaching the legislative or executive branches of government, or filing a lawsuit in the courts to challenge whether a law is valid.

The term “legislative” branch means the government body with lawmaking jurisdiction over the issue in question. It could be a city council, county commission, state legislature, or Congress.

The “executive” branch is usually charged with implementing and enforcing laws, and as such may have the power to write and adopt rules and regulations to facilitate in that task. Seeking a change to a rule or regulation could involve going to a local, state, or federal agency to ask for a new rule or a rule change.

How a Lobbyist Can Help

The First Amendment of Ohio’s Bill of Rights guarantees a free speech right to every citizen to lobby the Ohio General Assembly and government agencies. Lobbying might be no more than writing a letter or calling a state legislator or agency staff member. Political contributions are neither required nor necessary.

When a legislator introduces a bill, there is no guarantee that the legislation will get a committee hearing or a floor vote. A lobbyist can take the interests and concerns of citizens, businesses, organizations, or local governments to lawmakers who hold power over the process to convince them to advance or oppose the bill.

It may be necessary to talk to a committee chairperson or committee members to support the bill receiving a hearing or committee passage, without which it cannot advance to a vote by the full House or Senate. If the bill receives a passing vote from the committee, then it is necessary to talk to party leaders and individual lawmakers to garner sufficient support for passage in a floor vote.

How an Ohio Legislative Affairs Lawyer Can Help

The process for introducing a bill to the General Assembly or a proposed rule to a state agency is unique. Additionally, success in getting a law or a rule passed can hinge on making the right arguments to the right people, and on having good working relationships established with policymakers.

A qualified legislative affairs lawyer lobbyist understands the workings of the General Assembly and state agencies, and can advocate, just as in court, for why the law or rule should or should not be enacted. A government affairs lawyer can give thoughtful consideration to the language used in the proposed law or rule to try to ensure it best accomplishes the desired goal.

Contact Graff & McGovern Today

As registered Executive Agency and Legislative Lobbyists, our attorneys have practical experience developing policy plans, scheduling contact with decision-makers, and testifying before House and Senate Committees and agency boards.

Unique to our services as lawyer-lobbyists, we draft actual legislation and administrative rules in what could be final form for adoption. Correct wording is essential in changing law to meet the stated legal goal.

We negotiate with interested parties, and build coalitions to improve the likelihood of adoption. We also litigate public policy in court based on new law, challenging interpretations or enforcement as required.

Most importantly, we provide communications including newsletters for our clients to follow important developments in public policy.

Graff & McGovern offers experienced legislative affairs representation to people, businesses, and local governments throughout Ohio. Contact us today at 614-228-5800, or use our online contact form, to schedule an appointment.