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Receiving notice of an investigation by the Accountancy Board of Ohio can send a license holder into a tailspin. The prospect of disciplinary action, suspension, or revocation of a license can mean the loss of livelihood and the career or business that someone has worked for a lifetime to build. However, with the help of a team of skilled Ohio accountant license defense attorneys, the damage of a disciplinary action may be avoided or minimized. Contact Graff & McGovern at 614-228-5800, or using our online form, to learn how our attorneys can help with your case.

About the Accountancy Board of Ohio

The Accountancy Board of Ohio regulates the practice of public accounting, including:

  • Certification of certified public accountants
  • Registration of public accounting firms
  • Licensing of public accountants who perform regulated services as described in the Ohio Revised Code

The board also sets standards for continuing education for license holders and rules for the practice of accounting in Ohio. When an individual is alleged or believed to have violated the rules set by the board, the board is the body designated to receive and consider complaints against license holders.

The board is made up of nine members appointed by the governor. Two members must be active in public accounting in Ohio; two must be active in public accounting in firms with offices in at least 25 states, and two must not be engaged in the public practice of accounting, according to Ohio Rev. Code 4701.02. One member of the board must be a member of the public who has never worked in the accounting profession. The board is supported by a staff of nine, including executive staff, investigators, and other supporting staff.

Accountancy Board Disciplinary Process

When someone has a complaint against an individual or firm licensed by the Accountancy Board, it must be submitted in writing and include details of the allegation and any supporting documents. Complaints may be submitted anonymously.

After receiving a complaint, the board determines whether it has jurisdiction over the individual or firm. The board may consider the results of criminal or civil cases in determining whether a license holder should be disciplined. If the board has jurisdiction, the board outlines the process of investigation and discipline in its Enforcement and Disciplinary Policy Manual, which is available online.

The process of investigating a complaint typically begins with a letter from the board or an appearance from an investigator. Information gathered during this process is evaluated to determine whether a disciplinary action should be initiated.

Common reasons why a disciplinary action may commence include:

  • Practicing with an expired certificate
  • Failing to complete required continuing education

Disciplinary actions go to a formal public hearing during one of the Accountancy Board’s regular meetings. All cases are heard directly by the board.

How a Qualified Attorney Can Help

The Accountancy Board of Ohio has its own set of rules and policies pertaining to disciplinary actions. Because this process is unique to the board, it’s important that anyone facing disciplinary action seek the help of a qualified attorney with experience representing licensed professionals before this particular board.

A license holder can have representation by an attorney throughout this process, and it can be very beneficial to consult an Ohio accountant license defense lawyer as soon as the license holder knows that an investigation has commenced. Among the services an experienced attorney may provide are:

  • Advocating for protection of the license holder’s rights
  • Communicating with the board so that the license holder avoids misunderstandings and meets crucial deadlines
  • Convincing the board to drop an investigation and not to proceed with disciplinary action
  • Negotiating a settlement to resolve the disciplinary action
  • Representing the license holder at a formal hearing.

The help of a qualified attorney may allow a license holder to avoid or minimize action taken.

Experienced Ohio Accountant License Defense Attorneys

The attorneys at Graff & McGovern have the knowledge, skill, and experience to represent licensed professionals facing investigation or disciplinary action by the Accountancy Board of Ohio. Our team includes three Administrative Agency Specialists who were certified by the Ohio State Bar Association. Only eight attorneys in Ohio currently hold this distinction.

Our firm has represented licensed professionals from our Columbus, Ohio, office for 25 years and offers 115 years of collective legal experience, primarily in administrative agency law. Several of our attorneys have worked for state agencies, which gives our team inside knowledge how administrative agencies work and how a disciplinary action case is likely to proceed. That means we can craft strong arguments in defense of professional license holders designed to protect their licenses and their livelihoods.

Contact us today at 614-228-5800, or use our online form, to schedule an appointment with the Ohio accountant license defense attorneys at Graff & McGovern.