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Engineers & Surveyors Board – Licensing & Hearings


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Obtaining an engineering or surveying license is an important accomplishment for professionals in these industries. When a person’s or firm’s license is jeopardized by disciplinary action before the Engineers and Surveyors Board, representation by a skilled Ohio license defense attorney can make a difference.

Our lawyers at Graff & McGovern offer experienced representation to licensed professionals in Ohio. We focus our practice on administrative law and bring decades of experience handling matters at licensing boards and commissions.

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About the Engineers and Surveyors Board

The Ohio State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors is the government agency overseeing professional engineers and professional surveyors. The board’s mission is to develop criteria for admission and licensing of new professionals, and to adjudicate violations of the licensure codes of conduct.

The board is made up of five members, all of whom hold certification as either professional engineers or professional surveyors or both.

In addition to licensure of Professional Engineers and Surveyors, the Executive Director and staff manage the process, and investigate violations of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4733. Once a professional is determined to have violated the licensure law, most states require reporting under their comity or reciprocity laws.

As a result, a professional engineer or surveyor, and their firm, may face significant risk to their livelihood and business if found in violation of law.

Board Investigations & Disciplinary Process

Some common reasons the board may investigate a license holder include:

  • Illegal practice of engineering or surveying
  • Helping someone to illegally practice engineering or surveying
  • Offering services as an engineering or surveying firm without a certificate of authorization
  • Plan stamping
  • Violating the profession’s code of ethics
  • Violating the minimum standards for boundary or mortgage surveys
  • Other violations of rules set by the board

Once the board receives a complaint, the board’s staff reviews investigates the complaint. The subject of the complaint is permitted a chance to respond to the allegations in the complaint.
If the board opens a formal investigation, witnesses are interviewed and information is gathered. Once the investigation is finished, the information and testimony is reviewed to determine if the board should make a finding of a violation of law.

Possible outcomes of a disciplinary action can include:

  • Negotiated settlement
  • A reprimand
  • Probation
  • Limitation on registration
  • A fine
  • License suspension or revocation
  • No action

How an Ohio Engineer License Attorney Can Help

When facing an allegation of a license violation, an engineering or surveying professional may benefit from representation by an experienced lawyer. A lawyer may negotiate with investigators to provide accurate facts, and to try to obtain alternative sanctions. Waiting until a hearing may be too late to manage the result. However, a lawyer may be able to intervene early in the process and advocate for the engineer or surveyor.

If the matter goes to a hearing, a lawyer represents the license holder and presents evidence on before the Engineers and Surveyors Board that leniency is appropriate to mitigate any disciplinary action.

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