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Our Firm’s Recognition

Proven Experience

Just a sampling of the types of matters our attorneys have handled includes:

– Defending licensed professionals and businesses from actions involving their licenses
– Participating in agency rulemaking activities
– Writing writs of mandamus and amicus briefs to assert the positions and represent the interests of individuals and groups to the Supreme Court of Ohio
– Representing the legal community at specialty board meetings
– Representing individuals, organizations, and businesses in regulatory and administrative matters
– Helping individuals and organizations with business and regulatory filings
– Pursuing claims against the state through the Court of Claims
– Helping individuals and businesses to pursue government grants and contracts
– Representing the interests of local governments, trade associations, and political organizations

We have particular experience representing individuals, businesses, and organizations in the health care, real estate, construction, banking, and equine industries.

Ohio Professional License Defense Attorneys

If you have been contacted by a government investigator, or if you have received notice from a licensing board or government agency that your license is at risk, you may not know what to do or how to ensure that the board or agency listens to your side of the story. But you don’t have to go through this process alone.

At Graff & McGovern, we offer extensive experience helping licensed professionals to protect their licenses, and their careers when they are the subject of an inquiry, investigation, or disciplinary action. Let us help you.

Our Ohio professional license defense attorneys have been defending licensed professionals for more than 25 years. One of our attorneys is an Administrative Agency Law Specialist, a certification by the Ohio State Bar Association currently awarded to only eight attorneys throughout the state.

Ohio Government Affairs Lawyers

There are times when the solution to your problem or need is to change government itself, either because a law or policy is unfair or a new law or policy is needed to improve people’s lives or make them safer. Changing government may seem like a monumental task, but with the help of our experienced team of government affairs lawyers, effecting beneficial changes can be within your grasp.

There are several possible paths to creating change. At Graff & McGovern, our attorneys have significant experience with navigating these paths and helping clients achieve their goals through:

  • Legislative action
  • Court briefs
  • Executive action
  • Agency rulemaking

If a solution to your issue isn’t clear, contact us. We may have an answer for you and the skill and experience to bring it to fruition.

We don’t just know the rules regarding professional licensure we helped to write some of them. Contact us today about your professional license case.

Located in the Heart of Ohio Government

Graff & McGovern is located in downtown Columbus within an easy distance from the Ohio Statehouse and the offices of many state and federal agencies and courts. This location in the nexus of government means that we have regular contact with the agencies that affect you and are in the right place to represent you when you need it.

We can represent the interests of any individual, business, or organization throughout Ohio from our offices in the capital city.

Who We are

Everyone uses government in small ways from time to time when you renew your license; when you start a business; or when you pay your taxes. You may not even think about the many ways that government is connected to your life, or that you might need the help of an Ohio lawyer who knows the inner workings of local, state, and federal government agencies.

Attorneys certified in Administrative Agency Law have met standards set by the Ohio State Bar Association, showing an enhanced level of skill in administrative law.

Sometimes, the ways you need or want to interact with government are complex. You may be unsure where to start. You may not know which forms to file or how to fill them out, or which agency to go to solve your problem or meet your need. You may think that a law, rule, or process needs to be changed in order to be fair or to protect the public. Or you may be the subject of government action and need a skilled attorney to fight for your interests, your career, or livelihood.

That’s where we come in.

Graff & McGovern, LPA is a law firm that knows the details of how government works: local, state, and federal. We focus on representing people who have had a challenging encounter with government or need something from government and then helping them solve their problems or gain the access to government they need.

We offer a comprehensive range of services involving government, and offer creative solutions and strategies for dealing with local, state, or federal government issues. Our considerable knowledge of administrative agencies and processes provides both a map and a key to allow you to successfully navigate complicated government bureaucracy.

Contact us today at 614-228-5800 to learn how Graff & McGovern can find creative and successful resolutions to your government-related issues.

Our Firm’s Recognition

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