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When someone has a problem or need related to government, then our Ohio government relations lawyers offer government experience and creative ideas to address client issues in government affairs. When an individual, business, or government agency needs to access government in any way, we can help.

Whether the desire is to seek a license, change a law or policy, defend against a government action, amend an administrative rule or regulation, or navigate government bureaucracy, we are here to assist you. Our team is experienced in handling matters related to government at every level local, state, and federal and in all three branches legislative, executive agency, and in the courts. We represent clients as legal counsel, and as registered Executive Agency and Legislative Lobbyists.

Whatever the government relations need, we provide the solutions. Call Graff & McGovern now at 614-228-5800.

What We Do

Graff & McGovern provides a wide range of services to help anyone who needs access to government, to solve problems as an individual, business, or government agency itself.

Dealing with government is what we do. Our experience gives us the knowledge and the tools to help accomplish government relations goals. Tell us a problem and we will offer a strategy. Then we will work diligently to guide you through the halls of government toward a positive resolution.

We handle:

Lobbying & Legislative Affairs

Sometimes the solution to a need or problem may involve changing the law. Our attorneys draft legislation, then advocate as registered Lobbyists to enact or oppose the initiative in the Ohio General Assembly.

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Executive Agency Rulemaking

When someone seeks to support or oppose an executive agency rule amendment, we draft rule language, provide representation, and advocate as registered Executive Agency Lobbyists.

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Joint Committee on Agency Review

We represent clients’ interests at JCARR when the Committee reviews state agency rules and determines when rule-making exceeds the agency’s authority.

Trade Associations

We help trade associations represent the interests of statewide membership when dealing with government policies. We devise long-term strategies for the association to build its industry, develop regular communications and analyses, and facilitate government interaction for the membership.

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Local Government

We provide a variety of legal services related to local governments, such as before local zoning authorities in construction, or before the local Board of Revision involving property taxes. We represent individuals and businesses who have local government needs, as well as providing government relations representation to local governments when they seek to interact with government bodies.

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Public Records

We help Ohio individuals, businesses, and local government to assert or defend their rights regarding public records held by local, state, and federal government agencies. We mediate and litigate in the Ohio Court of Claims, the new forum for public records disputes.

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Business & Regulatory Filings

Business and regulatory filings with government agencies can be complex, often with critical deadlines. Situated in Ohio’s capital, we help individuals, businesses, and local government agencies find their way through the bureaucratic process toward accomplishing the regulatory goal.

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Claims Against the State

Lawsuits for money damages against a state agency, college or university only proceed in the Ohio Court of Claims in Columbus. The firm offers experience in litigating in this unique judicial forum.

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Administrative Hearings

Not all legal cases are handled in courts. We represent clients in front of an administrative judge or board to advance our clients’ rights and interests.

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Department of Administrative Services

Our lawyers offer experience dealing with the Department of Administrative Services including MBE-DBE-EDGE certification, public contracting, the State Term Schedule, and litigation, if necessary, involving contract awards.

Government Grants & Contracts

Our attorneys assist clients through the complicated process and paperwork involved in obtaining a government grant or contract. We represent clients in court seeking injunctive relief for improper contract award.

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Ohio Board of Building Standards

We work with the Ohio Board of Building Standards in policy formation and interpretation of the code.

Ohio Board of Building Appeals

State and local building departments enforce the Ohio Building Code for construction. If you need to appeal or defend a building department’s determination, we represent clients before the Board toward reaching consensus and a practical alternative.

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Ohio Fire Marshal

We work with the Ohio Fire Marshal in Fire Code interpretation, and contractor safety licensure.

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission

We offer experience in drafting and interpreting state front-end documents, and working with the State Architect and staff on change orders for a mutually-positive outcome. If necessary, we litigate claims against public construction project owners.

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Ohio Elections Commission

We represent candidates and political action committees (PACs) regarding campaign finance compliance and strategies, and before the Ohio Elections Commission when cited by the Ohio Secretary of State.

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Board of Tax Appeals

When clients seek to change real estate property taxes through a county Board of Revision, we file appeals to the Board of Tax Appeals. Key in this strategy is negotiating a mutually satisfactory solution with tax authorities.

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Ohio Supreme Court

We represent individuals, businesses, trade associations, and government agencies seeking judicial remedies from the state’s highest court. We help interested parties make their position known through amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs to support particular positions in important cases. We appeal from the Board of Tax Appeals, or initiate original actions in mandamus.

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