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Government grants and contracts can represent an important revenue source for businesses in Ohio. But the process of applying or bidding is complex. It is important when applying for a grant, submitting a bid for a contract, or developing a government administrative procedure that every detail is correct and in compliance with rules and regulations. An Ohio government contracts lawyer at Graff & McGovern can assist with the application and bidding process or assist local government in developing appropriate procedures and policies.

Additionally, our attorneys may be able to help file or defend a legal action when a contract is alleged to be awarded improperly by a government agency.

Our government affairs lawyers at Graff & McGovern have extensive experience representing all parties in government grants and contracts. We know the details of how grants and contracts are awarded and how to demystify the process. Contact us today at 614-228-5800, or use our online form, to learn how we can help with your grant application or contract bid.

State Term Schedule Vendors

Every state agency contracts to purchase services and goods from private businesses for the effective operation of government. The Ohio Department of Administrative Services maintains the State Term Schedule for vendors competing as sole-source providers with lowest-cost pricing under Ohio Rev. Code Chapter 123. This law applies also to local government.
Our firm can explain the process for becoming a vendor and help with the paperwork and process of the State Term Schedule.

Public Works Contracts

Under Ohio Rev. Code 123.20, the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission manages all state construction for public works. The commission has the authority to set rules and guidelines for public facilities construction, as well as to approve, award, and administer design and construction contracts.

Our lawyers stay on top of the latest developments in the award process for competitive bid and design-build contracts. We can guide businesses through the complex process of responding to a Request for Qualifications, submitting a bid, or being approved for the pre-qualified consultant list. We also work with front-end document review and develop our own forms as needed for businesses or local government.

How an Ohio Government Contracts Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer who understands government grants and contracts can offer help from the initial paperwork to defending or pursuing a dispute over an alleged improper award.
If a vendor wants to appeal a state agency’s denial of compensation, such as on a construction change order, the vendor must bring all claims for money damages through a lawsuit in the Ohio Court of Claims in Columbus, Ohio. The Court of Claims is a unique court that only handles particular types of cases, and the help of a lawyer with experience practicing before this court can be invaluable.
In addition to representing clients in court, an experienced attorney can negotiate settlements with agency officials along terms consistent with the contract and Ohio law.

Contact Graff & McGovern

The lawyers at Graff & McGovern have decades of experience working with governments and businesses on government grants and contracts or remedies in disputes over procurement. Our office is located in Columbus, in the seat of Ohio government, which allows us to facilitate access to the state agencies and courts.

Three of our lawyers are among only eight in the state certified as Administrative Agency Specialists by the Ohio State Bar Association, which means they have unique experience in administrative agency law.

Learn more about how Graff & McGovern can help with government grant or contract issue by calling 614-228-5800, or using our online contact form, to schedule an appointment today.