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When a business, organization, association, or local government needs to change a law or policy, one effective approach is to pursue an executive agency rule change. Executive agency rulemaking follows a precise legal process. An Ohio administrative law attorney may provide useful advice about how to pursue a rule change and what to expect from the process, and assist clients in pursuing rulemaking through state agencies.

The attorneys at Graff & McGovern offer experience working with state agencies, including representing clients seeking executive agency rule changes. Three of our attorneys are among eight in the state certified as Administrative Agency Law Specialists by the Ohio State Bar Association.

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Executive Agency Rules

After the legislature passes a new statute, the executive agency then adds detail consistent with the statute by enacting an administrative rule. These rules include both procedural and substantive law in the subject covered by the new statute.

An administrative rule once enacted becomes part of the Ohio Administrative Code, and has the same effect in law and government enforcement as its authorizing statute, unless in direct conflict with that statute.

Businesses, government agencies, and individuals may propose amendments to executive agency rules, just as they may testify and offer amendments to statutory legislation.
Ohio’s Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review determines whether each proposed rule meets the original intent of its authorizing statute. Interested parties may offer testimony and proposed revisions at each step.

How an Executive Agency Lawyer Lobbyist Can Help

We draft proposed Administrative Rules for our clients, and meet with executive agency policy-makers to discuss our clients’ interests.

Often we negotiate with changes to proposals, and work with other interested parties to build consensus toward meeting legislative intent and meaningful enforcement.

Just as the public is entitled to lobby the legislature, businesses and individuals also should offer their viewpoint in developing executive agency rules.

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Like lobbying for a new law through the legislature, lobbying for an executive agency rule change requires an understanding of the specific rulemaking process an agency follows. A government affairs attorney at Graff & McGovern offers experience working with executive agencies to accomplish clients’ goals.

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