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Ohio Business Lawyer – State Filings


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State government requires businesses to fulfill many requirements, both at the time the business initially starts and throughout the life of the business. An Ohio business lawyer can help a business owner understand business regulations and stay up to date on necessary filings.

Our government affairs lawyers at Graff & McGovern offer significant experience representing business owners when they need to interact with government. We understand the nuances of Ohio business regulations and can offer knowledgeable counsel to business owners.

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Starting a Business

One of the first steps when starting a for-profit business is to decide what corporate form the business will take. There are several different types, and the choice of form may be based on a number of factors and business goals.

Once a form is chosen, our attorneys will assist with the completion and timely filing of all necessary documents. Businesses operating in Ohio must register with the Secretary of State’s office under Ohio Rev. Code Chapter 111, regardless of the type of business or corporate form. A business also may need a license or permit from the state.

Businesses must renew some filings on a regular basis in order for the business to stay active and in good standing. Our attorneys can offer advice about how to stay in compliance.

Regulatory Filings

In addition to filing documents with the Secretary of State, a business file specific documents with a state agency, depending on the nature of the business and the activities in which the business intends to engage.

The business may need to seek a specialized license from a state agency, obtain an environmental or other permit, apply for a particular tax status, apply for a government grant, or seek to become a state vendor. Many filings are unique to individual agencies, such as a Development Services Agency grant application, or a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise application to the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (EDGE).

How an Ohio Business Lawyer Can Help

The various documents a business must file with the state can be complex, and must be completed precisely, accurately, and on deadline.

Our attorneys offer both business law and administrative agency experience, and advice to a business about which filings are necessary. We may assist the business to comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

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The attorneys at Graff & McGovern offer significant experience representing Ohio businesses with corporate and regulatory government filings and offering access to government that can help a business accomplish its goals.

We are located in the state capital in Columbus, which means we can be a business’s advocate in face-to-face interactions with state officials.

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