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Ohio Tax Attorney – Board of Tax Appeals


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Appeals involving decisions by the Ohio Tax Commissioner, county boards of revision, county budget commissions, and municipal boards of appeal are heard by a specialty board with its own unique rules and regulations. The government affair lawyers at Graff & McGovern have the experience and knowledge to represent clients in disputes involving the Board of Tax Appeals and subsequent appeals to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Taxpayers, corporations, and government agencies typically are represented by an Ohio tax lawyer with experience handling cases before the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals, who knows the Board’s process and how best to present a tax appeal case. Contact Graff & McGovern today at 614-228-5800, or use our online contact form, to learn how we may be able to help with tax appeal cases.

About the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals

The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals is a quasi-judicial, administrative state agency that functions as Ohio’s administrative tax court. The Board’s mission is to provide taxpayers, businesses, and public authorities with an accessible appeals process to resolve tax disputes in a timely and open manner.

The Board is made up of three members with support from an executive director and a staff attorney. It has offices and meets in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

The Board accepts petitions for tax appeals, sets a hearing schedule, and conducts hearings on tax appeals. Possible resolutions may involve facilitating settlement of the appeal or issuing written decisions based upon Ohio statutes, case law, and board precedent. Unique to the Board of Tax Appeals, any appeal against a Board decision goes directly to the Ohio Supreme Court.

This quasi-judicial process can be used in addition to negotiating directly with the Department of Taxation, and Ohio Attorney General as the department’s lawyer, to try to settle a tax case.

Ohio’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights provides another opportunity for remedy.

How an Ohio Tax Attorney Can Help

No attorney is required for a tax appeal. Because the Board of Tax Appeals is an administrative agency that has quasi-judicial functions, a lawyer with administrative law and tax law experience, and with specific experience handling matters involving this Board, it may assist in working through complex tax matters.

An Ohio tax lawyer may offer detailed knowledge about tax laws and the rules and regulations involved in an appeal. Additionally, a lawyer can bring experience and understanding of the other side’s goals and flexibility under the law.

A successful negotiation may allow a person to avoid the expense of a hearing and the chance of an adverse decision. Knowledgeable counsel may provide a cost-effective solution to an otherwise adversarial proceeding.

Contact Graff & McGovern Today

The attorneys at Graff & McGovern offer experience representing clients before the Board of Tax Appeals. We focus our practice on government-related matters.

Three of our attorneys are certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as Administrative Agency Law Specialists. This certification is currently held by only eight attorneys in the entire state.

To learn more about what Graff & McGovern can offer, contact us today at 614-228-5800, or use our online form, to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal needs.