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Architects and landscape architects who have been notified about possible disciplinary actions involving their licenses may benefit from the help of an experienced Ohio professional license defense attorney. A qualified attorney represents a client’s interests before the Ohio Architects Board or Landscape Architects Board.

At Graff & McGovern, our attorneys have worked with architects and landscape architects facing possible action against their licenses.

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Ohio Architects Board and Landscape Architects Board

The regulation of the architecture and landscape architecture professions is overseen by distinct boards that share their support staff and process for investigation and discipline.
The Ohio Architects Board is a five-member board made up of industry professionals. Its mission is to regulate the practice of architecture, including investigation of complaints against license holders.

The Ohio Landscape Architects Board also is made up of five members and similarly regulates the practice of landscape architecture, and investigations into alleged violations by license holders.

Some common reasons why someone might be investigated or face action by either board include:

  • Continuing to practice after a license has expired
  • Failing to comply with continuing education requirements
  • Unauthorized offering of services
  • Violating the code of conduct for the profession
  • Plan stamping
  • Practicing without a license
  • Illegal advertising and use of titles without a license

The boards do not have jurisdiction over contract disputes between an architect or landscape architect and a client, including disputes over design or costs, unless there are allegations of fraudulent billing. However, if a dispute is adjudicated in a court, the boards can consider the outcome.

Disciplinary Process

When either board receives a complaint about a license holder, an investigator reviews the complaint to determine if further process is merited. If an investigation is opened, a letter is sent to the license holder containing a copy of the complaint and seeking further information. The license holder has 30 days to make a written response.

The response is considered by the board at a regular meeting, and the board can decide to do one of the following:

  • Offer a settlement agreement
  • Seek more information
  • File formal charges
  • Close the investigation if there is no violation, no jurisdiction, or if compliance has been obtained

If the board pursues formal charges, the license holder receives a notice with details about the charge, and has a right to request a hearing.

If the board finds that there was a violation, possible outcomes may include:

  • Suspension or revocation of the license, or
  • A fine of $1,000 to $5,000, plus costs

Once the board determines that a professional violated the licensure law, most states require reporting under their comity or reciprocity laws. As a result, an architect or landscape architect, and their firm, face significant risk to their livelihood and business if found in violation of law.

How an Ohio Architect License Attorney Can Help

When facing a license violation, an architect or landscape architect may benefit from experienced legal counsel to negotiate with investigators to provide accurate facts, and to make a case for why alternative sanctions are appropriate. Waiting until a hearing may be too late to manage the result and may result in suspension or revocation of the license if the board finds that a violation occurred.

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The attorneys at Graff & McGovern offer experience practicing before these two boards, and a focus on state agency law, to advocate for an architect or landscape architect who is the subject of a complaint.

Our attorneys understand the rules and laws that apply to the practices of architecture and landscape architecture, as well as the boards’ processes.
We may be able to assist professionals to interpret Ohio law, to discuss potential issues, and to advise action with confidentiality. Our primary goal is to avoid any violation or charge in the first instance.

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