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Chemical Dependency Professionals Board Embraces Confidential Monitoring Program

Published: Feb 15, 2024 by Brandon Smith

Chemical dependency professionals with substance use disorders, chemical dependency concerns, or other mental health issues that could impact their ability to perform their job safely and competently now have more options.

Over the past several years (as we previously reported), multiple agencies have added “safe haven” programs. These programs, generally speaking, allow for confidential, non-disciplinary, monitoring of licensed professionals.

Some agencies, like the Ohio Board of Nursing through their Alternative Program, run their own confidential monitoring program. Others, including the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board (CDPB), outsource the monitoring to a non-government third party. The CDPB’s safe haven program is managed by the Ohio Professionals Health Program (OhioPHP, formerly known as the Ohio Physicians Health Program).

This program allows licensed individuals to obtain the treatment and other assistance they need, while simultaneously ensuring the CDPB fulfills its duty of protecting the public. By allowing for confidential, non-disciplinary, monitoring, the CDPB and other agencies with similar programs hope that their licensees seek help before putting their clients or patients at risk of harm.

Entering into one of these programs is often the best decision a licensed professional with one of the covered mental health or chemical dependency concerns can make. Doing so, and successfully completing the program, will ensure that the licensing agency takes no public disciplinary action based on allegations of impairment. Successful completion of a program managed by OhioPHP typically requires entering into, and completing all requirements of, a contract / monitoring agreement. It is very important that any individual entering into one of these agreements understands the precise obligations that will be imposed by the agreement, which is where legal counsel can come in.

If you have questions about protecting your license from discipline by participating in a confidential, non-disciplinary, monitoring program or are facing difficulties in completing such a program, you should consider contacting one of the licensed attorneys at Graff & McGovern, LPA. Attorney Brandon Smith is available at (614) 228-5800, x. 7 and