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Casino Commission Reduces Skill-Based Fees

Published: Jul 19, 2018 by John Izzo

Ohio Casino Control Commission Executive Director Matthew Schuler and Director of Skill Games Andromeda Morrison addressed the Commission at the July 18, 2018, meeting, regarding application and license costs. Based upon calls Mr. Schuler received, he determined the fees set forth in the existing rules are too high.

As a result, the Commission will be lowering the licensure costs for a skill-based amusement machine (SBAM) vendor and type C SBAM Operators from $6,000.00 to $500.00. Type B SBAM operators will have licensure costs reduced from $3,000.00 to $250.00. SBAM employees and Type C SBAM location licensure costs are reduced from $500.00 to $50.00. Mr. Shuler stated that financial projections indicate the additional licensure money will not be necessary for the program to continue. This change is retroactive to the first day applications were accepted.

A rule change will be made to set forth the new fee schedule. The Commission approved a waiver to allow all current and new applicants to pay the new fee schedule set forth above. Deputy Executive Director Rick Anthony stated no formal plan was in place to refund monies that applicants paid in excess of the new fee schedule. That will be determined by staff at a later date.

It’s great that the Commission realized their fee schedule for the regulation of skill-based games was ridiculously high. The question no one asked, though, is why was it set so high if the program can operate successfully with licensure fees that are as much as 90% less than what is currently listed in its rules. We may never know the answer.

If you have questions about skill-based amusement machines, obtaining a refund of your application fee, or general questions about the Ohio Casino Control Commission, you need to talk with an attorney at Graff & McGovern. Attorney John Izzo can be reached at, or 614-228-5800, extension 5.