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General Contractor Tortiously Interfered with Subcontractor

Published: May 02, 2017

A general contractor which discharged a subcontractor, then hired the subcontractor’s employees, resulted in damages for the subcontractor’s lost profits. The general contractor originally hired a framing subcontractor, which then subcontracted the work to another framing sub-subcontractor. When the general contractor discharged the first-tier subcontractor,…


Numerous Ohio Construction Projects Receive Funding

Published: May 02, 2017

Numerous state agencies sought and received construction funding to start the new 2017 project season, such as University projects on the release agenda of the Ohio Controlling Board. Cleveland State University will spend $17 million on the Fenn Hall Addition. The University of Akron will…


Ohio Medical Board Sharpens Enforcement Tools for OARRS Compliance.

Published: Apr 18, 2017

In January, 2017 Graff & McGovern, LPA published a news article on the Ohio Medical Board’s aggressive enforcement of compliance with its OARRS system. OARRS is Ohio’s electronic system operated by the Ohio Pharmacy Board for tracking prescription drugs. The prior article reviewed the nearly…


Public Records Cases in the Ohio Court of Claims

Published: Apr 17, 2017

After nearly six months operation of the new Public Records dispute resolution process, requesters filed 48 cases, or an average of seven a month. This activity is less than expected, likely reflecting that most requesters are not aware of the new expedited system. Four cases…


The Fallacy of Ohio’s 7 and 5 Day Limit For RXing of Acute Pain

Published: Apr 13, 2017

Those following Ohio’s legislative news or those who caught the State-of-the-State speech know about a new set of rules in Ohio. These new rules prohibit medical professionals from authorizing prescriptions of controlled substances for any period longer than seven days for adults, and no more…


What You Should Know About the New Ohio Farm Winery Permit

Published: Apr 12, 2017

Ohio has been producing quality wines since 1804, when Nicholas Longworth began producing sparkling Catawba wine from grapes he cultivated in the Ohio River Valley. Nowadays, Ohio is well known for Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Vidal Blanc varieties produced by nearly 200…


News in Ohio’s Horse Racing Industry!

Published: Apr 11, 2017

Ohio has seven commercial race horse tracks. Three tracks race Thoroughbred horses, as you would see in the Kentucky Derby, and four tracks race Standardbred horses, as you would see at the Little Brown Jug. In addition, there are over 60 county fairs that have…