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Numerous Ohio Construction Projects Receive Funding

Published: May 02, 2017 by Luther Liggett

Numerous state agencies sought and received construction funding to start the new 2017 project season, such as University projects on the release agenda of the Ohio Controlling Board.

Cleveland State University will spend $17 million on the Fenn Hall Addition.

The University of Akron will spend $2.1 million to replace major electrical systems.

Kent State University will spend over $2 million for its Public Health campus expansion.

The Ohio School Facilities Commission, operating under the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, approved three new school projects, bringing to 382 school districts which the OFCC has funded.

The Ohio Department of Transportation will allocate $2.3 billion on over 1,000 projects, just short of the record budget two years ago.

The Turnpike Commission will spend over $121 million in northern Ohio.

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