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Ohio Pharmacy Board Expands Drug Repository Rules

Published: Jun 01, 2023 by Levi Tkach

Effective May 27, 2023 the Ohio Board of Pharmacy expanded the list of approved drug repositories to include charitable pharmacies, hospitals, and non-profit clinics.

A drug repository is a program that receives eligible donated drugs to provide to patients who are uninsured, underinsured, or who meet any other eligibility requirements determined by the repository program’s eligibility policy. The Pharmacy Board’s new rules reflect the 134th General Assembles desire to expand access to healthcare for low-income patients. (HB 558).

The Pharmacy Board requires registration before an approved facility may accept donations. Approved facilities, including “nonprofit” clinics, are specifically defined in statute.  However, approved facilities with existing licenses as Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs (TDDD) are not required to modify their existing licensure before operating a repository program.

If you are interested in donating unused medication, or a facility contemplating registration to operate a drug repository program in Ohio, you should consider contacting the attorneys at Graff & McGovern, LPA. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing licensed professionals, including representation of medical offices and pharmacies. Attorney Levi Tkach can be reached at