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Ohio Department of Education Announces the Reinstatement License

Published: Feb 15, 2022 by Brandon Smith

Educators now have to opportunity to become properly certified, while completing the requirements to renew their expired associate or professional licenses.

The Ohio Department of Education (“the Department”) recently announced that educators may be eligible for a one-year, nonrenewable Reinstatement License if they meet specified requirements. Under OAC Rule 3301-24-08(I), the Department may issue a Reinstatement License to an educator who (a) has “good moral character” and (b) holds a professional or associate license that is eligible for renewal but has lapsed for one year.

The Department has further indicated that applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold an associate or professional license that has lapsed for at least one year;
  2. Hold a position in an Ohio school or district requiring the license (the employing school district must approve the reinstatement license application); and
  3. Have current background checks on file with the Department.

Educators should keep in mind that they may only request a Reinstatement License for the same grade levels and curriculum areas as their expired associate or professional license. 

By obtaining a Reinstatement License, educators can be properly certified while working to renew their license for the next school year. If you have questions regarding obtaining your reinstatement license or renewing your license, you should consider contacting one of the attorneys at Graff & McGovern, LPA at (614) 228-5800.