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Ohio Bill Would Make Professional Licenses Easier to Obtain for Military Families

Published: Apr 30, 2019 by Doug Graff

Ohio has taken a significant step toward making it easier for military families to obtain professional licenses within the state. Military families often face difficulties when they move from one state to another, which can happen every few years. For service members and spouses not actively surviving in the military, they may have a professional license that enables them to build a career and help support the family.

However, every state has its own licensing board and regulations. Newcomers to the state may have to start all over or jump through hoops to get the same license in Ohio that they had in Louisiana, Washington, or another state. Recognizing how this negatively impacts military families and reduces the chance of Ohio military bases receiving new missions, Ohio has put forward a bill that would enable military spouses to obtain temporary professional licenses after moving into the state.

If you are part of a military family recently settled in Ohio, and you have questions regarding your professional license, do not hesitate to contact a professional license defense attorney at Graff & McGovern for advice.

Ohio Legislature Looks to Ease Military Families Burden

SB 7 would enable or require occupational agencies to issue expedited licenses and certificates for up to six years, both of which give military spouses time to go through the licensing or relicensing process required by Ohio law while still being able to work. To obtain a license quickly or a certificate enabling them to work, the military family member would still need to go through an application process and meet other requirements, such as providing an endorsement.

The purpose of the bill is to allow professionals in military families to work as soon as possible after moving into Ohio. This creates more stability for military families and reduces what could be a significant financial hardship in the months it takes family members to become relicensed.

A Brief History of the Bill

House Bill 716 passed the Ohio House in November 2018 by an 89-0 vote. The bill was sponsored by State Reps. Rick Perales and Jim Butler. In December 2018, it was introduced in the Senate. However, this version of the bill did not pass the Senate.

The Senate then introduced SB 7, a new bill on the same issue, in February 2019. It was sponsored by Peggy Lehner and Bob D. Hackett. It passed unanimously in March 2019. The bill moved to the Ohio House and was referred to the Armed Services and Veterans Affairs committee where it will be reviewed and debated. It is currently in the House, where it may or may not pass.

Graff & McGovern Help Professional License Holders in Ohio

While the Ohio House debates the merits of SB 7, you may need guidance on becoming licensed or renewing your professional license in Ohio if your family is stationed here. For more information on this process, contact Graff & McGovern, LPA to schedule a consultation with a professional license defense attorney. We can advise you of your licensing options here in Ohio, and if you run into issues with the professional agency, we can represent you in protecting your license and career.

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