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More Than 13,000 Licenses Set to Expire

Published: Nov 04, 2020 by Levi Tkach

The Ohio Pharmacy Board’s ability to license close to 30,000 Pharmacy Technicians (including Certified, Registered and Trainees) serves as one of its greatest successes over the past two years. Unfortunately, much of the Board’s labors and efforts stand precariously close to ruin by an enemy beyond its control – procrastination.

As of the Board’s meeting on November 2, 2020, more than 13,000 people still have not renewed their licenses. While some rate of attrition occurs every renewal cycle, the current renewal rates have the Board worried. As of November 2, Board records reflect an absence of renewal applications from: 46% of Registered Technicians, 66% of Certified Technicians, and 84% of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Employees.

To avoid a Board investigation and the potential of a formal disciplinary action (including a fine, suspension and/or revocation) all individuals wishing to continue their employment in pharmacy should renew their licenses immediately. Currently, all Technician licenses expire December 1 and Medical Marijuana Dispensary Employees licenses expire December 4. The Board has provided additional information to assist all interested Technicians with their renewals, available here, and Medical Marijuana Dispensary Employees, available here.

If you are a Pharmacy Technician or Medical Marijuana Dispensary Employees and you have questions regarding the renewal processes, or need advice and assistance with responding to mandatory disclosure requirements, you should consider contacting the attorneys at Graff & McGovern, LPA. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing licensed professionals, including representation of pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, pharmacies, and other licensees of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. Attorney Levi Tkach can be reached at (614) 228-5800, ext. 4 and Attorney Brandon Smith can be reached at (614) 228-5800, ext. 7.