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Insurance Agent Cleared of Violations And Protects His License

Published: Dec 22, 2016 by Doug Graff

When a licensed professional faces accusations or disciplinary action for misconduct, it is critical to speak with qualified and passionate legal counsel with experience defending peoples’ livelihoods. A seasoned professional license defense lawyer will be able to show you how an administrative review differs greatly from a civil or criminal matter and their ability to navigate these convoluted processes may save or lessen the potential impact on your career. For example, an insurance agent was recently accused of two violations involving mishandling some very important account records. He understandably did not want to see such allegations threaten his insurance license and in an effort to protect his ability to earn a living, this man retained the services of Columbus, Ohio’s Graff & McGovern, LPA.

After reviewing all the details and speaking extensively with their client, the attorneys with Graff & McGovern began crafting the best possible defense for his particular situation. Initially, Graff & McGovern attempted to settle the case, as many times our clients would rather settle the matter to avoid the time and costs of a hearing. In this case, the Department of Insurance would not agree to settle. After an administrative hearing, the hearing examiner recommended and the Department of Insurance agreed that there was insufficient evidence to support that the agent disclosed personal or privileged information collected or received in connection with an insurance transaction. However, the Department of Insurance did determine the agent demonstrated incompetence in allowing sensitive customer insurance information to be subject to the possibility of disclosure. The agent appealed this matter and the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas agreed that the agent did not demonstrate incompetence in his handling of customer information. Furthermore, the governing body was ordered to reimburse the client approximately $5,000 for his attorney fees. The man was quite pleased to protect his license and clear his professional reputation through the sensible decision to consult Graff & McGovern, LPA.

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