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Medical License Inactive for 30 Years Permanently Revoked

Published: Jul 01, 2022 by Brandon Smith

In October 2021, the State Medical Board of Ohio permanently revoked a physician’s license to practice medicine in this state and imposed a $6,000 fine. They did so even though his license was last active on December 31, 1990.

The facts of this case may be expected to lead to a permanent revocation of an active or recently inactive license. Ohio permanently revoked this license after receiving information that this physician’s Arizona license was revoked following a conviction for a sexual offense involving a patient.

Given those facts, the final decision by the Board is not surprising.

What is surprising is the length of time the license was inactive. This physician had not been licensed in or practiced medicine in Ohio in over 30 years. There is no indication in the Board’s records that this physician ever expressed an interest in returning to the practice of medicine in Ohio. This physician posed no threat to the citizens of Ohio. Indeed, had he desired to reactivate his Ohio license, he would have been required to submit an application and disclose the conviction. At which time the Board could have initiated disciplinary proceedings proposing to deny the application and eventually imposed an identical sanction permanently revoking his license.

Despite these facts, and the lack of any risk to patients in Ohio, the State Medical Board acted anyway.

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